NRF 2015 Wrap Up


At the time of this writing NRF, Retail’s Big Show has just completed. Bluebird was gracious enough to allow BlueFletch to be a part of their booth experience. The BlueFletch team has developed a lot of great innovative retail ideas over the past year and we thought NRF would be a great way to showcase them.

We focused on a few main themes:

  • clienteling
  • empowering the store associate
  • big data/realtime analytics

We created a Golf Store at the Bluebird booth where attendees could shop for one Nike golf hat or one Nike gold shirt.

BlueFletch created a native iOS Swift application running on iPod touches to mimic a consumer’s device. We also created a native Android application on the BP30 and BM180 to serve as the store associate’s application.bbird

One of the challenges we had to deal with early on was network connectivity. Although, we brought with us our own router and server. There were so many high powered wireless devices and access points that we needed to upgrade our router specifically for this event. Once we sorted out the network, we were in good shape.

One good thing about being able to develop is that we’re able to incorporate user feedback into our demo. After each day, we’d sit around and discuss what was working well and what did not work. This allowed us to have an agile approach to our demo and really treat it like a Proof of Concept (POC). We deployed a new build every day during the conference based on the attendee feedback we received.

Here is a video of the Golf Store applications in action.