Years ago when I worked at Accenture, I participated in a innovation contest sponsored by the United States Postal Service (USPS) account that I was on. The goal was to cultivate innovative ideas that USPS could leverage (or Accenture could use to sell additional work).

Looking back at that competition and thinking about my idea, it is still pretty valid. With the advancements in wireless, mobile and IoT, I would like to revisit and update my pitch.


After graduating from Morehouse College, I started a transportation company. It would be considered a Mom & Pop operation. The data at the time had some eye popping numbers.

In Transportation & Logistics:

  • 90%+ of the companies are 30 trucks or less (Mom & Pop)
  • that would be approximately 500k+ companies
  • most of the technology that supports that industry is expensive and usually is targeted towards larger enterprises.
  • at that time there were a lot of copying, faxing and using excel spreadsheets to provide analytics