Why are companies creating innovation centers when being an innovative tech company is not their core competency? Is it for press, to attract new hires or to win the lotto of being the “next big thing”?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines innovation as:

1. a new idea, device, or method
2. the act or process or introducing new ideas, devices, or methods

So let’s put a process in place that can create real innovation at your company:

1) Focus on hiring the right people

– Is this person a good fit for the role that we need?

If they just don’t have the skill set, they probably won’t work.

– Are they passionate about their job?

Tech employees need to be constantly learning to stay ahead of the curve. Are they living and breathing their work?

– Are they a good fit for the company?

Will this person be someone I want to work with on a project? Will they bring the team morale up?

2) Focus on company culture

– Don’t just be a project manager that’s another excel guru.

You want a PM that cares about having projects completed on time and building great products.

– Don’t just sit in meetings to go through the motions.

Give each employee a voice and let them participate, give feedback and create new ideas.

– Is it a fun place to work?

You can’t be innovative if you are stressed out and have no mental bandwidth to think outside the box.

– Do your leaders rally the troops?

– Do they motivate the team? Stay late to finish projects?

– Do you reward people for good work or celebrates successes?

3) How do you rally your team to accomplish their goals?

– Provide space and opportunities.

– Are you supplying your team with the tools needed to succeed?

  • Technology
  • Training
  • Resources—team hours, reflection time to make the process better

– Are you giving incentives to improve company culture?

We give out bonuses for employees at BlueFletch that go above and beyond:

  • Most viewed blog post
  • Referral bonus for new talent
  • Finding new sales leads

What other ideas does your company implement?