Why is Microsoft investing in Android?!?

Over the past several weeks I been stunned by some of the news about Microsoft. For all the flack that Microsoft takes about its OS, Mobile OS or devices, the company knows how to make a dollar.

Microsoft makes much more money from Android than its own Window Mobile platform. For every Android smartphone or tablet, Microsoft is receiving $5-$15 from the sell of that individual device. They likely generate at least $2 billion per year from Android.

So the following stories had me scratching my head.


January 29, 2015Microsoft is investing in Android Startup Cyanogen
February 9, 2015Microsoft, Samsung settle contract dispute over Android patent payments
February 13, 2015Samsung is preloading the Galaxy S6 with Microsoft Apps

My initial thoughts after reading each article:
  • Microsoft is trying to body snatch Android away from Google.
  • If I was Samsung, I would be tired of paying Microsoft’s ransom too.
  • Ohhh, that is why Microsoft settled. I wonder if Satya Nadella is playing chess somewhere with Android vs. Microsoft themed chess pieces.

Microsoft is definitely big enough and has enough talent to make some serious noise in the Android world, but why not just focus on Windows Phone?What are your thoughts? Reach me on twitter @MakeOne. #WinDroid